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Professionalism & camaraderie

Member's Code of Ethics

At Trent Aviation, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and camaraderie. As a valued member, you are expected to uphold the following code of ethics. Any breach of these guidelines will prompt a thorough review of your membership by the Directors, potentially leading to restrictions or termination of your affiliation with the club.

Respectful Use of Clubhouse

  1. Purposeful Use: The clubhouse is designated for membership activities exclusively. We urge all members to leave the premises in the same impeccable condition they would hope to encounter it.

  2. Security Responsibility: We take security seriously, and each member bears the responsibility of ensuring the clubhouse's security when the last person departs. As day's end approaches, kindly switch off all lights and electrical devices, unless otherwise specified. Door codes, provided during booking, are subject to regular change and must not be shared.

  3. Club Property: No member shall remove any club property without the requisite authorization.

  4. Lost Property Handling: Any personal items left in the clubhouse or aircraft will be held in lost property for a period of 72 hours. Beyond this duration, items will be disposed of without further notice.

Helecopter Cockpit

Conduct During Aircraft Usage

  1. Maintain Cleanliness: Treat operated aircraft with the care you would appreciate. Leave them in the same condition you'd like to find them.

  2. Timeliness and Consideration: If your booking time is approaching, and you anticipate being late, ensure your usage doesn't impede the next booking. Responsibly curtail your own time and return the aircraft punctually. If you decide to cancel your booking, remember that it is your responsibility to do so. Cancellation fees may apply.

  3. Precise Parking: Adhere to parking instructions to maintain order and efficiency.

  4. Compliance with Currency Rules: Trent Aviation upholds stringent currency regulations that members must adhere to. To retain eligibility, you should have flown an aircraft within the last month and the specific type within the last two months. Failure to meet this criterion necessitates a check flight with an instructor, whose discretion governs the extent of the evaluation. For new members, the initial check flight will encompass general handling and navigation skills, ensuring instructor satisfaction.

  5. Updated Information: The booking system only allows solo hire when both medical certification and class ratings remain valid. Notify the club of any changes in these dates.

  6. Self-Authorization Responsibility: Qualified pilots can self-authorize flights while considering their duties as PIC (Pilot in Command).

  7. Technical Log Completion: All qualified pilots are required to meticulously maintain aircraft technical logs.

Sky view

Membership and Subscriptions

  1. Membership Parameters: While membership is presently free of charge, changes to this structure might occur in the future. Irrespective of changes, an active membership status is obligatory for booking and flying club aircraft.

  2. Discretionary Acceptance: New membership is at the club's sole discretion and may be terminated at any time based on the club's judgment.

Our Aircraft

By aligning your actions with these ethical principles, you not only uphold the Trent Aviation legacy but contribute to a thriving community of aviators dedicated to safe and responsible flight.

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