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Trent Aviation,
the premier flying club

About us

Welcome to Trent Aviation, the premier flying club meticulously crafted by aviators for aviators. Our primary mission is to offer a seamless platform that empowers pilots to unlock the skies without the burden of exorbitant costs and unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. Whether you're seeking the thrill of recreational flight or aspiring to accrue invaluable airtime, Trent Aviation is your ultimate destination.

Dedication to aviation

Embracing a resolute dedication to aviation, we have cultivated a haven where pilots can access a fleet of aircraft at economical rates. Bid farewell to convoluted administrative hassles - our streamlined booking process operates on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Harness your skills

Recognising the dearth of robust support for private flying within both the public and private sectors, Trent Aviation has embarked on a transformative journey. Our driving ambition is to provide qualified pilots with an unparalleled platform to harness their skills to the fullest.

A new generation

At its inception, membership within our esteemed club is exclusively open to certified pilots. However, our aspirations extend beyond the horizon. In the forthcoming years, we are committed to expanding our offerings to include comprehensive training programs, thereby nurturing a new generation of skilled aviators.

Experience the skies

Join us at Trent Aviation and embark on a soaring adventure that promises camaraderie, innovation, and boundless blue horizons. Experience the skies like never before - where your passion takes flight.

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